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The Only Thing Lower Than the Price is the Pressure

Category: Safety

Emergency Supplies to Keep in Your Mitsubishi

Whether you’re taking an epic road trip with your family or just a short commute to work, it’s important to have emergency supplies in your Mitsubishi at all times. The following items are helpful to have nearby in case you get a flat tire or experience another issue during the drive. Jumper cables  Jumper cables…

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Spring Maintenance Tips in Victoria, TX

The arrival of spring means warmer temperatures, more hours of sunshine, and a reminder to perform seasonal maintenance on your car. After a long, cold, and rainy winter in Victoria, your car may need some attention. Here are a few spring maintenance suggestions to help your car recover from winter and prepare for the new…

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Best Accessories for the Mitsubishi Mirage

You really can have it all — an affordable car that’s loaded with modern, convenient features. With a few handy accessories, the budget-friendly Mitsubishi Mirage can make your drive even more fun and easy. Here’s a look at a few of the best accessories for the Mitsubishi Mirage. Tech tools If you like returning to…

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Advice for Parents of New Teen Drivers

The teenage years are exciting and terrifying at the same time. Teens love all the new freedoms they get, especially when it comes to driving. However, parents of new teen drivers may feel anxious every time their teen gets behind the wheel. Here is some advice to help you feel a little calmer. Stay Calm…

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Packing the Car for Holiday Road Trips

It’s the holiday season, and for many, that means lots of traveling (and hauling luggage and gifts)! If you’re traveling over the next couple of months, we’re here to help by giving you some packing tips for those holiday road trips. Heavy Items On the Bottom If you’re hauling a lot of gifts and suitcases,…

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Why Flashing Yellow Arrows Are Appearing at More Intersections

You may have noticed that flashing yellow arrows are appearing at more intersections, in part because the Texas Department of Transportation is phasing out traditional circular green signals. This shift is to give drivers a reminder that they must yield on green when turning left. Left turns can be especially dangerous, according to Texas Department of…

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Selecting a Driving School

Automobile accidents are the leading cause of death among teens. The freedom afforded to teens by access to cars is an important part of the maturation process, but safety is absolutely imperative. There is always so much at stake whenever anyone gets behind the wheel, let alone a teenage driver. Driving schools introduce teens to…

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Common Driving Distractions Every Parent Should Teach Their Teen Drivers About

It’s important for parents of new drivers to set an excellent example for the next generation. While the modern world makes driving better and more convenient than ever, it also presents plenty of opportunities for distraction behind the wheel. If you’re the parent of a teen driver, make a point to teach them about these…

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How to Buy a Child Safety Seat

While traveling around with your children, you want to make sure to do everything you can to keep them safe. One of the easiest and most important things to do is to make sure that you buy the proper child safety seat and install it correctly. Since a leading cause of child fatalities is accidental…

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Install Car Seats Properly: A Guide

They’re smart, versatile, and—more importantly—they’re safe. Regardless of how safe any car might be, it’s always important to use and install car seats properly if you’re travelling with small children. Without a properly installed car seat, you could be putting your family at risk. According to the DMV, the first step is choosing the right…

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