Earlier this year, at the Geneva International Motor Show, Mitsubishi unveiled a brand new vehicle design called the Engelberg Tourer Concept. This concept is a bold crossover design with a plug-in hybrid powertrain.

In case you are wondering where the name comes from, the concept is named after a Swiss ski town. This helps to emphasize the vehicle’s rugged capabilities, especially since it comes standard with Mitsubishi’s Twin Motor full-time 4WD system with individual motors powered each axle.

The powertrain uses a 2.4-liter gasoline engine combined with its electric motors for a total driving range of 435 miles. When fully charged, it can operate solely on electric power for up to 43.5 miles. Its advanced navigation system uses available data on road conditions, traffic, and weather to adjust battery consumption and torque.

While the Engelberg Tourer is an obvious concept, there are many styling elements that we could see making it to production including its large grille, the sharp creases, vertical chrome accents, and high-mounted lights.

Alongside the concept, Mitsubishi demonstrated something called the Dendo Drive House. This is a home electric system that works with a plug-in hybrid vehicle. It uses a home battery, solar panels, and a bidirectional charger to optimize power consumption and charging.

Here at Atzenhoffer Mitsubishi, we are excited to see what the next vehicle in the Mitsubishi lineup will be.