Traffic Lights before flashing yellow arrows were added

You may have noticed that flashing yellow arrows are appearing at more intersections, in part because the Texas Department of Transportation is phasing out traditional circular green signals. This shift is to give drivers a reminder that they must yield on green when turning left.

Left turns can be especially dangerous, according to Texas Department of Transportation, and the shift to more flashing yellow arrow lights will help to keep you safe. Because you’re turning across oncoming traffic and because there are a variety of lights used around the country, the flashing yellow light is built to make you think twice before you turn left.

“Flashing yellow arrow signals will be gradually phased in to replace the traditional circular green signals currently used to let drivers know that they must yield on green to turn left,” reads the TxDOT website.  So, you should expect to see more of these signals across the state and potentially around the country.

In fact, the Texas Department of Transportation has performed research to see which types of signals are the most successful. According to the results, it appears that flashing yellow arrow signals are easier to understand that traditional yield or green signals, which should ultimately keep people safer.

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