Outlander Sport Kids Safety

They’re smart, versatile, and—more importantly—they’re safe. Regardless of how safe any car might be, it’s always important to use and install car seats properly if you’re travelling with small children. Without a properly installed car seat, you could be putting your family at risk.

According to the DMV, the first step is choosing the right seat. An infant rear-facing seat is for children under one year old, and the seat features a harness strap and a cradle-like design. A child rear-facing seat is for children one to three years old, and a front-facing seat is for children four to seven years old or children under four who have outgrown their seat’s height and weight requirements. There are also booster seats for children eight to 12 years old, or those under eight who have outgrown their seats.

When installing a car seat in vehicles like the Outlander and Outlander Sport, put the seat in the second row. Lock the seat belt, secure the seat tightly (if there are LATCH anchors, use those), and adjust the recline angle. You should connect the tether strap if applicable as well. While you install, be sure to follow any other instructions that came with the seat.

It’s also important to take off bulky clothes your child might be wearing, keep the straps snug, and put their back against the seat (avoid letting them slouch). The chest clip should be level with the child’s armpits before you start driving.

Here at Atzenhoffer Mitsubishi, we hope you and your family have pleasant and safe journeys.