2020 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Technology | Victoria, TX

In January, Mitsubishi announced a new partnership with Otonomo to improve the smart tech for Mitsubishi vehicles. Though Mitsubishi vehicles currently offer plenty of opportunities for connectivity, the newly-announced alliance will help meet the ever-growing consumer demand for intelligent safety and convenience technology in their cars and SUVs.

Otonomo specializes in internationally-compliant data transfers that allows information to be relayed expeditiously and securely from the vehicle to third-party merchants and service providers. Otonomo is currently partnered with over 100 different companies, which means that Mitsubishi is joining a massive network that will help expand in-car technologies for drivers.

As a result of this partnership, Mitsubishi drivers could benefit from in-vehicle apps that allow them to pay for parking, find a place to charge their car, or schedule maintenance from the comfort of the driver’s seat – while parked, of course. The potential integration of intelligent navigation in future Mitsubishi vehicles could lead to safer, less congested roadways and fewer emissions.

Ben Volkow, co-founder and CEO of Otonomo, endorsed the company’s partnership with Mitsubishi. “This is an exciting opportunity for drivers around the world, and we look forward to a continued relationship. We are very proud of this partnership, which will position Mitsubishi Motors as an industry leader, providing driver experiences powered by car data.”

Keep your eyes peeled in 2020 for future improvements to the Mitsubishi in-car experience. In the meantime, stop by Atzenhoffer Mitsubishi to test-drive your favorite Mitsubishi model.