Vehicles in Holiday Traffic | Victoria, TX

The holidays are upon us — and if you’re like many Americans, you’ll soon be on your way to visit friends and family. With so many people on the road during this time of year, you’re probably expecting to face tight traffic, stressful driving, and bumper-to-bumper jams. But that doesn’t have to be the case — instead of inching along the freeway, consider these three tips for avoiding holiday traffic.

Know the times for traffic

Certain times of the day tend to have the thickest traffic. Peak congestion hours tend to fall between 7-10 a.m. and 4-7 p.m. If your route takes you through a major city, try to time your drive so you don’t hit it during these rush hours. If you use a GPS, it should factor in traffic conditions to give you a better idea of your travel time.

Remember your route

Try to memorize the routes, exits, and roads you’ll be taking on your journey. By knowing where you’re going, you can plan your lane changes and turns. It’ll do wonders to keep your journey going smoothly since it’s estimated that 40 percent of all traffic congestion is caused by late-merging vehicles.

Watch the weather

As fall turns to winter, the weather becomes unpredictable. If there’s a storm or precipitation on the radar, give yourself more time to drive. Trying to rush in bad weather is dangerous to you, your family, and your fellow road users.

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